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Pianist MinJung Baek​


“There is a complete absence of anything other than total commitment to the spirit of the music and her playing is imaginative, vital and commanding.” —John Lill, Concert pianist

“The pianist, MinJung… has infinite possibilities!” —Stephen Kovacevich, Concert artist

MinJungBaek started studying the piano at the age four, and her talent was immediately recognized when she entered her first competition at the age of five. She went on to win more than fifty prizes in Korean national competitions. Other awards in international competitions include the 2012 Beethoven Piano Society of Europe Competition; Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra Young Artist Competition in USA; the Giuliano Pecar, Lyon, Ernesto Falla, Antonio Napoletano, Nuovi Orizzonti, Liszt, Pietro Argento and Rachmaninoff piano competitions in Italy, which provided her with engagements to play Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concertos No.1 and No.2, and the Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini in one concert in Ukraine and Italy in 2007. The concerts and related interviews were broadcast by Ukraine’s national television. 

 MinJung made her first public recital appearance at the age of eight at the Yurim Art Hall in Seoul, Korea. At age ten she made the orchestral debut with the Busan Philharmonic Orchestra, playing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 1 at the mail hall of the Busan Arts Center. At thirteen, she had already given recitals and concerts in USA, Russia, and Switzerland. Since then, her sensitive touch, expressive playing, and strong charisma have led her to perform extensively throughout in USA (Carnegie Weill Recital Hall, Steinway Hall in New York City, Kimbell Art Museum in Fortworth, Mixon Hall in Cleveland), Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Japan, Romania, Spain, Thailand, Korea, China (including a seven-city concert tour) and UK (including Barbican Hall, Wigmore Hall, Milton Court Hall, St.Martins in the Field-World Pianist Series, Purcell Room, St. James Piccadilly, Warwick Arts Centre, B. Britten Theatre, Royal Academy of Music, South Hill Park Arts Centre, King’s Place, and at the City of London Festival and the Brighton Festival).  

MinJung has been invited to play as a soloist with the Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra, the Zhengzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, the New York Arts Ensemble Orchestra, the West Chester Symphony Orchestra, the Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, the Poltava Symphony Orchestra, the Yalta Symphony Orchestra, the Bellini Symphony Orchestra, the Po Hang Philharmonic Orchestra, the Seong Nam Philharmonic Orchestra, the New World Symphony Orchestra (under the most famous Korean Maestro, Nan-Sae Gum) and the Exeter Symphony Orchestra. Her performances and interviews have been broadcast on KBS, Rai, ITV, PBS, WQXR, and the Ukraine national radio.

MinJung is also a recipient of numerous awards, including the Gold Medal by the Worshipful Company of Musicians; an Artist Grant by the New York Foundation of Arts; an Artist Proclamation Award by Jeffrey Schonberg, Illinois Senator of USA; Earl Wild’s Teaching Fellowship by Ivory Classics, which led to the rare honor and privilege to play for the legendary Mr. Wild in Palm Spring, CA; and the Guildhall Trust since 2010.

MinJung’s performances have been heard at numerous international music festivals, including the Contemporary Music Festival and the Late 

Romanticism Festival in New York; the TCU/Cliburn Piano institute in Fortworth, where she was filmed as part of a documentary on pianist Menahem Pressler; and at Sarasota, Samuel Barber, Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie, Bologna, Holland International Music Session, Steinway Rising Young Pianist Festival, MITO in Milan, Etna Feste, Imola in Musica, Dartington, Schleswig-Holstein, Oxford, and Dino Ciani music festivals.

MinJung studied at Mannes college of Music(BM) in NYC under Jerome Rose, and at the Accademia Pianistica Internazionale “Incontri col maestro” di Imola(Diploma) with Leonid Margarius. She obtained a Master of Performance and an Artist Diploma, both with distinction, at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London on a full scholarship under the guidance of Ronan O’Hora.

Recent highlights include her successful debut recital at Carnegie Weill Recital in July 2019, invitations as a faculty at the East/West International Piano Festival in Shenzhen, China, one of the most prestigious international piano festivals - the International Keyboard Institute&Festival in New York City and the Haus Marteau in Germany and releasing her debut CD<Rachmaninoff> and the second one<Beethoven>  under the Onclassical, Italian label, both immediately embarked as a "Popular Release" on including Spotify, Highresaudio and AppleMusic and the critically acclaimed CDs have been presented on RaiRadio3 and RadioClassica.

 And, MinJung has also served as an adjunct professor at KyungHee University, ChuGye University of Arts and YoungNam University in Seoul and is also serving as a
visiting professor at the L.Canepa national music conservatory in Italy. She has been invited as a jury for the international competitions and national competitions and resides in London.

(Last Updated: April 2021)

“The pianist, MinJung…  has infinite possibilities!” by Stephen Kovacevich, Concert Artist

“MinJung’s playing is spiritual, imaginative, vital and commanding.” by John Lill, Concert Pianist

 2012년 런던의 ‘월드 피아니스트 시리즈’에 한국 대표로서 초청되어 오프닝 콘서트에 출연하여 한국 작곡가 진은숙의 피아노 에튀드를 연주하여 ”내면의 폭발적인 에너지와 감수성, 뛰어난 테크닉이 어우러진 연주“라는 찬사를 받은 피아니스트 백민정은 Worshipful Company of Musicians의 금메달 수상, 유럽 베토벤 소사이어티 국제콩쿨, Ernesto Falla 국제콩쿨, Nuovi Orizzonti 국제콩쿨, 라흐마니노프 국제콩쿨에서 모두 우승하였고, 스코키 밸리 심포니, Giuliano Pecar, Pietro Argento, Liszt(Grottammare), Lyon, Lagny sur Marne, Antonio Napoletano 국제콩쿨 등에서 상위입상 및 디플롬상을 수상하며 국제 무대에 소개되어 활발한 활동을 하고 있다. 백민정은 6세에 월간 음악콩쿨 금상을 시작으로 코리아헤럴드 대상, 조선일보, 한국일보, 음연, 음악춘추, 삼익, 한독 브람스, 수리, 경희대, 음악교육신문(대상) 등 50여개의 국내 콩쿨을 석권하고, 8세에 유림 아트홀 독주, 10세에 부산시향과 협연, 13세에 시애틀, 러시아, 스위스 취리히 초청 독주회, 15세에 리차드 클라이더만과 협연 등을 하며 일찍부터 음악적 재능을 발휘하였다. 

2007년 4월 우크라이나에서 Poltava Symphony Orchestra와 라흐마니노프 협주곡1,2번과 파가니니 랩소디를 협연하여 “몸에서 절로우러나오는 깊은 감성과 타고난 재능으로 관객을 압도하는 연주자”라는 언론의 평을 받고 우크라이나 국영 방송에 인터뷰가 방영되기도 한 백민정은 2019년 뉴욕 카네기홀 데뷔 리사이틀을 성황리에 마쳤고 2017년 <Guildhall School of Music and Drama Distinguished Alumni Recital Series>에 초청되어 런던 바비칸센터에서 독주회, 서울 예술의 전당에서 독주회, 듀오 콘서트와 한-중 교류 초청 음악회, 부산 문화회관에서 <이든예술기획 초청 독주회>, 엘림아트센터 <선데이콘서트>, 황인용의 카메라타, 박창수의 하우스 콘서트&원먼스 페스티벌, 문체부 후원으로“문화의날-박창수의 하우스 콘서트” 프로젝트에 참여하여 영광 예술의 전당과 익산 예술의전당에서 연주, 마루국제음악제 초청 연주, 웰빙 콘서트(2016)에서 부산 시향과 협연을 하였으며 지휘자 금난새의 바톤아래 성남시향, 포항시향, 뉴월드 심포니 오케스트라와 함께 호흡을 맞추었으며 체코 마티누 필하모닉 오케스트라, 키에프 필하모닉 오케스트라, Yalta 심포니 오케스트라, Zhengzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, 뉴욕 앙상블 오케스트라, 웨스트 체스터 오케스트라, 러시아 글린카 심포니 오케스트라, 벨리니 심포니 오케스트라, Exeter 심포니 오케스트라 등과 협연하고, 미국, 일본, 중국(7개 도시 순회 연주 등), 이태리, 독일, 스페인, 네덜란드, 프랑스, 아일랜드, 말레이지아, 태국, 스코틀랜드, 영국(Wigmore Hall, St.James Piccadilly, St.Martins in the Field, Warwick Art Centre, Blackheath Hall, LSE, Britten Theatre, Milton Court and Barbican Centre Main Hall포함) 등에서 솔리스트, 독주자, 실내악연주자로서 연주를 가졌다.

또한, 이태리 관광청이 후원하는 Dino Ciani Music Festival, City of London Festival, 반클라이번 피아노 인스티튜트, Sarasota 국제 음악제, Samuel Barber 뮤직 페스티벌, 일본 하마마츠 피아노 아카데미, 볼로냐 뮤직 페스티벌, 베로나 스타인웨이 라이징 영아티스트 페스티벌, 이태리 MITO 페스티벌, Etna Feste, Holland Music Session, 영국 Dartington Music Festival, 독일 Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, 영국 옥스포드 필로뮤지카 피아노 페스티벌, Brighton Festival 등 전세계 유수 음악제에 초청되어 연주하며 그 기량을 발휘하였으며 2018년 중국 Shenzhen에서 열리는 East/West International Piano Festival, 2019년 뉴욕에서 매년 열리는 세계 유수 피아노 페스티벌인 International Keyboard Institute&Festival와 독일 유명 마스터클래스 시리즈인 Haus Marteau Masterclass에 교수진으로 초청되어 마스터클래스와 연주를 가지며 언론으로부터 찬사를 받았다. 

 매년 영국 런던에서 열리는 London Masterclasses에서 피아니스트 Norma Fisher로부터 “Star of the future”로 선정되어 런던 Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall에서 연주를 가진 백민정은 중국 CSY TV, 영국 ITV, 이태리 Rai radio, Rai TV, 미국 WQXR, 국내 PBC, KBS1 <TV문화속으로>, KBS<더콘서트>, SBS<뉴스토리>를 통해 대중들에게 소개되었고 서울예고(공로상수상)에서 정진우, 김혜림, 권석란을 사사하고, 뉴욕 매네스 음대에서 뛰어난 연주력과 학업 능력을 인정받아 President상, 뉴욕 아트 파운데이션이 선정한 올해의 아티스트상, 일리노이주 상원의원 Jeff Schoenberg로부터 예술가상, 미국의 전설적인 피아니스트 Earl Wild로부터Teaching Fellowship을 수여 받았으며 뉴욕 매네스 음대 학사(Jerome Rose사사), 이태리 이몰라 피아노 아카데미에서 아티스트 디플롬(Leonid Margarius 사사), 영국의 명문 런던 길드홀 음악원에서 석사와 최고 연주자 과정(Stephen Kovacevich, Ronan O’Hora사사)을 모두 전액 장학생으로 우수한 성적으로 졸업하고 전세계에서 연주 활동을 활발히 가지고 있으며, 경희대, 영남대, 추계예대 겸임교수를 역임하였으며 현재, 이태리 L.Canepa 국립음악원 객원교수와 예원 서울예고에 출강하며 후학 또한 양성중이며  OnClassical(Naxos USA) 레이블로 발매된 음반 <Rachmaninoff>와 <Beethoven>은 Spotify, AppleMusic등에  인기 음반으로 즉시 선정되어 런던을 기반으로 전세계에서 청중들을 만나오고 있다.

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